«Hi, my name is René and this is my story»

I was born and raised in beautiful Switzerland,the land of raw milk, yummy chocolate and meticulous precision.

And life was great

For decades I followed a lifestyle of what was supposed to be healthy: doing sports regularly, ate raw veggies and not meat, hat lots of fruit, chose low fat yogurt and salad dressing, and loaded up on 'heart healthy' whole grains.

Until something went terribly wrong!

In spite of my supposedly healthy choices, I developed an uncontrollable sugar addiction, became insulin resistant (a precursor to type II diabetes) - and then on a random winter's day suffered a cardiac arrest. I almost died on January 24, 2008.

I was getting frustrated

My doctors refused to speculate about the root causes. The standard medical community had no answers for me. “Bad luck” was their conclusion in layman’s terms. They had me rested for a while, then encouraged me to go on as before.

It did not work. I was tired, worn out and empty at the slightest effort. I felt like I was running on empty ALL THE TIME! In addition, I also began to lose control over my weight.

I was frustrated, angry, desperate. I was determined to get better, but I didn’t know where to turn. Since conventional wisdom on health had led me there, I realized that conventional wisdom would not get me out!

And I didn't get it right at all

I started reading piles of books on nutrition and health. While the information opened my eyes, and was even revolutionary, this still led to frustration. Why?

The testimonials in those books always tell stories about some incredible transformations. But I personally NEVER got such "brochure" experience - despite following recommendations to the point.

I assumed that somehow I didn't  do it right and thought there was something wrong with me.

Unfortunately, all these famous authors and experts weren’t available to personally coach me through all the troubleshooting that’s unique to every person’s needs.

I felt left alone and had more questions than answers.

So I completely changed my life

In order to solve my problem I decided to become an expert myself. I quit everything I had going on and went back to school to study nutrition and health myself.

I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) through the Nutritional Therapy Association. I got certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, received a diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science from the Westbrook University, and successfully went through the Kalish Method mentorship program in functional medicine by the renowned Dr. Daniel Kalish. 

Also, I was personally trained by Don Sing, the renowned expert in the clinical application of blood chemical screenings, as well as by Dr. Abbas Qutab in the nutritional analysis of blood chemistry patterns.

Until it finally happened

Finally. Not only had all the pieces fallen into place. I finally found the answers I was looking for. And knowing how to put it all together and apply it to myself changed my life.

My mission

Today, I again maintain a very active lifestyle and have found my true calling:

To personally help others who are struggling just like I was,
and desperately need answers so they too can get the body and life they want.

That's why I specialize in one-on-one coaching (and not in writing books).

A different approach!

You don't need to suffer in the same way I did. While I strongly encourage you to read books and educate yourself, you don't need to go through years of frustration and spend ten thousands of dollars on getting multiple-certified like me. 

We will figure out what keeps you from getting results - and have you back on track to getting lean and fit, even after 40.

Let's do this. Together.

Bonus 1 - Putting it all on the table

My detailed journey back to health, vitality and getting fit over 40

  • 2009 - my heart again
  • 2010 - time to start
  • 2011 - My organic craze
  • 2012 - Gluten the enemy?
  • 2013 - the wahls protocol
  • 2014 - my keto failure
  • 2015 - $#?@! the relapse
  • 2016 - I'm BACK

Heart problems again
When tested again, there were still signs of heart irregularities what freaked me out. In addition, I did not seem to win the battle over my sugar cravings, which I knew played a major role in my health decline.

Bonus 2 and 3

How the body works: It's actually not that complicated

Health explained simply. Even your child can understand.

I have nothing to hide - 
my self-experiments

Just in case you are interested, I share all of my 7-year self experiments  in detail. 

Be warned: I tried a looot of stuff. However, I guarantee that you will find some unique insights and gems that you can use for yourself. Promised!