The Bathtub Principle: Health Explained Simply

Every time I hear of someone within my circle of family or friends receiving a negative diagnosis, my frustration comes to the surface. Why were none of the signs discovered early on, and then ignored for too long? Don't be fooled. There are always signs, indicating that something isn’t right. Quite often even way in advance.

The trick lies in being able to read one’s body and react accordingly. To recognize signs and steer the ship on a safe course, away from the storm.

My mistake with the hammer

At first, my mistake was the very same one, which many experts fail at: If your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail.

A Nutritionist will mainly try to find a food related solution, a Naturopath in Bach flower therapy, a Massage Therapist in the easing of muscles, and a Doctor in the selection of the 'appropriate' medication. This can lead to a frustrating holdup if other causes are responsible for a problem.

I have come to realize, that professional knowledge in a specialized discipline always needs to be complemented by a broad understanding of how things work in the big picture. In light of this tenet, I regularly conduct exciting learning adventures far away from my core speciality which is nutrition.

And the result of my learning adventures? The Bathtub Principle!

Fitness & health (not just) after 40: Nothing complicated actually

The drawing did not quite make sense? 

No problem, just keep reading. The bathtub principle is pretty easy to understand, I promise.

​The four golden faucets

Imagine, that your body is a bathtub. However, instead of one facet, you now possess the following four:  

  • Faucet 'Stress'
  • Faucet 'Unhealthy eating'
  • Faucet 'Accident, pain or inflammation'
  • Faucet 'Environmental impact'

If one, or several are turned up all the way, in time the bathtub will fill up. And at some point, spill over.

The three obnoxious measuring cups

Aside from the water faucets, you also have 3 measuring cups available:

  • Measuring cup 'Exercise and sports'
  • Measuring cup 'Sleep'
  • Measuring cup 'Light and nature'

These measuring cups can be used to your advantage or your detriment.

For example, appropriate amounts of exercise can help scoop water out of the bathtub. However, too much, or no exercise will add water instead. The measuring cup 'sleep' is quite similar. Sufficient sleep aids in relaxing the situation, too little sleep can further exacerbate the situation.

The three miracle sponges

Additionally, the body has three highly absorbent sponges at its disposal. It uses them to clear water off the ground. One of my mentors, Dr. Dan Kalish, refers to them as the “3 key systems".

  • Sponge 'Hormonal system'
  • Sponge 'Digestive and immune system'
  • Sponge 'Detoxicifation'

They make sure, that a short-term overflow remains unnoticed, without causing any damage.

However, if the water continuously spills over the edge, after a while these sponges will suffer for it. Their absorbency will wane. As a direct result, the ensuing mess on the floor will come to be a burden on you.

A mess on the floor

Ailments are a clear indication, that the bathtub is overflowing, and is creating a mess on the floor. Your body is telling you loud and clear: Houston, we have a problem!

The six most often signs indicating that a mess is building up in the bathroom, are:

  • Stubborn weight loss
  • Feeling tired
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormonal problems
  • Depression
  • Poor sleep

How high is the water standing in your bathroom?

Chemical or natural drain cleaners

Many will make the mistake of pouring more or less natural nutrients, such as vitamins, antioxidants or minerals into the overflowing bathtub. In hopes, that this will result in waning symptoms.

One hopes, that these silver bullets will 'increase' the drain, overflowing will cease, and the mess come to an end. However, if your bathtub is spilling over, chances, that these supplements will make this happen, are actually pretty slim.

Next please...

Naturally the next thing that stands to reason, is a visit to the man in white.

In general, he will place a wooden pallet on the bathroom floor, in order to keep your feet dry. The pallet represents medication. It works quickly, conveniently and without the need for any big changes.

The problem? It is a race against time.
Medication almost always fight symptoms, but do not eliminate the root causes.

At some point the wooden pallet will get soaked, and the socks will once again become unpleasantly wet. Of course this makes it harder again to ignore the overflow. Now you need another pallet.

You don’t need a degree in Quantum Biology, to realize, that the whole thing could go horribly wrong.

Water damage in the bathroom – what to do?

It's pretty simple: consider, which of your faucets are turned up all the way. Trust your instinct. That is the first step.
The second step would be to actively do something about it. You will find out what exactly you can do in chapter two.

How important is a proper diet?

In my experience, symptoms may not always be caused by what you eat. However, regardless of who is the main culprit, diet is always an important part of any intervention.

Why? Because we ourselves can easily control the faucet 'unhealthy eating'. The other faucets do not always provide this advantage. Turning the faucet 'unhealthy eating' all the way down will pay off, because it can make it easier to handle the other running water faucets.

Upgrade Your Health Like A Pro 

Just in case you are interested, I share all of my 6-year self experiments to fix my personal bathtub problems in my notebook. Be warned, it's quite a lot. However, if you bring the necessary patience and endurance while reading my notes, I guarantee that you will find some unique gems and treasures that you can use for yourself. I promise.

The Super Nutrients

What really helps?
Find my best supplement recommendations, in case you are lacking the necessary patience to tackle the root causes and you just want a silver bullet.

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Cravings for sweets
  • Body cleansing and detoxification
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Bacteria or fungus attacks
  • Leaky-gut protocol
  • Legal doping for increased performance in endurance sports