The Super Nutrients

Find my best supplement recommendations. These supplements are temporary miracle weapons, which offer help for:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Cravings for sweets
  • Body cleansing and detoxification
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Bacteria or fungus attacks (H.Pylori and Candida Albicans )
  • Leaky-gut protocol
  • Legal doping for increased performance in endurance sports

What really helps?

The protocols list the products from top to bottom, in order of their importance. Which means, if you do not wish to take all products listed, just start cutting out from the bottom.

The more pronounced your discomforts are, the more I recommend to take all listed nutrients.

What helps against...
Fatigue and exhaustion


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.

Adrenomend from Douglas Labs

2 | 2 | 0

Glucomend from Douglas Labs

1 | 1 | 1

Twice Essential Packs
from Designs for Health

1 morning pack | 0 | 1 evening pack

Vitamin C with bioflavanoids (1 capsule of 500 mg, daily total 2 to 5 grams)

1-2 | 1-2 | 1-2

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid 500mg)

1 | 0 | 1

Optional: Medicinal herbs, such as ginseng, roseroot or ashwaganda

Dosage as specified by the manufacturer

Duration: 3 to 6 months, then take one month off. If required, repeat this cycle for as long as necessary.

What helps against...

Insomnia can have many reasons, and the best strategy to remedy the causes is still to follow the guidelines in chapter 2 'Upgrade your health like a pro'. 

Below you will find short-term remedies. Depending on the cause, there are various “recipes” that can help. Test them one after the other, until you find the best fix for you.


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.

Formula #1


0 | 0 | 50 to 200 mg, 1 hr before bed


500 to 2000 mg | 0 | 0

Vitamin B6 (as separate vitamin or part of a multivitamin)

Dosage as specified by the manufacturer

If the opposite should happen and 5HTP will rather make you antsy in the evening, then turn the protocol upside-down, and try it like this:


0 | 0 | 500 to 2000 mg, 1 hr before bed


50 to 200 mg | 0 | 0

Vitamin B6 (as separate vitamin or part of a multivitamin)

Dosage as specified by the manufacturer

Formula #2

Magnesium malate or threonate (try which will have the best sleep effect on you)

0 | 0 | 800 mg, 2 hrs before bed

For a stronger effect, add in a morning load:
400 mg | 0 | 0

Formula #3

Inositol powder from Designs for Health

0 | 0 | 1/4 teaspoon right before bed

Formula #4

GABA capsules

0 | 0 | 500 to 2000 mg, 1 hr before bed

Recipe #5


Only as per a lab test.
(Target value: 20)

Duration for each formula: 3 months, afterwards take 2 weeks off. If required, repeat the cycle, however, then you really need to start investigating causes by going through the steps described in chapter 2 'upgrade your health like a pro'.


What helps against...
Cravings for sweets


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.


100 mg | 100 mg |100 mg


1000 mg | 1000 mg |1000 mg


1000 mg per day

Duration: 3 to 6 months, afterwards take one month off. If required repeat the cycle as often as needed. However, switching over to a low-carb diet will probably be the solution eventually.

Get started with 30 successive days of my Swiss Solution One-Day Eating Plan.

In the event, that candida is the main culprit for your sweet-tooth, adding in following remedy will help:

Oregano oil capsules

1-2 | 1-2 | 1-2


Colloidal silver

15 ml | 15 ml | 15 ml

Duration: 30 days max. Afterwards stop taking these fungi-killing substances for at least one full month before adding another cycle.


Body cleansing and detox program

The detoxification process in the liver occurs in various steps.

In detox phase I the following three things happens to toxins:

  • they are neutralized and transported to the gall bladder,
  • they become water soluble so that the kidneys are able to expel them via urine,
  • they are transformed to a chemical active form, which is referred to as 'the active intermediate product'. These molecular intermediate steps are often more toxic, than the original substances and can cause serious damage, if they are not disposed fast enough.

Measuring your phase 1 detoxic capacity
Having a hard time tolerating coffee (jittery), or not being able to sleep after drinking coffee in the afternoon are strong indications that you have a liver detox phase 1 issue.


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.

Phase 1 Support Protocol:

Detox Antiox from Designs for Health

2 | 0 | 2

Vitamin B Complex

Dosage as specified by the manufacturer

In phase II, the follow-up phase of the liver detoxification pathway, the active intermediate products will have to be transformed once more, whereby they are bound to water soluble minerals, amino acids or other biochemicals. After this additional transformation in phase II the toxins can now safely be expelled via urine and gall bladder.

Phase 2 Support Protocol:
The necessary sulfur containing products can cause issues due to their efficacy. If symptoms flare up, lower the dosage.

Amino-D-Tox from Designs for Health

3 | 0 | 3

or for a softer impact:

3 | 0 | 0


Support Liver from BioMatrix

3 | 3 | 3

Duration: 2 to 6 months, then take 2 months off. If the complaints do not improve, I urge you to further investigate the causes via lab testing.

Coffee Enemas

The substances within coffee, such as theobromine, theophylline and caffeine enhance the detox function of the liver and gall bladder, resulting in other health interventions finally showing an effect.

A detailed introduction can be found in my blog article "The Silver Bullet - What You Should Do When Eating Healthy Doesn't Work".

What helps against...
Vitamin D deficiency

Determine your vitamin D with an easy 25-hydroxy-test.

Many experts list the lower border at around 30 to 35 ng/mL. The upper limit is said to be around 75 to 88 ng/mL.

I recommend to aim for approx. 50 ng/mL to be somewhere in the middle.

What you can do if no test is available:


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.

D-Mulsion-Forte drops from Biotics Research,
a general vitamin D3 supplement containing vitamin D in the cholecalciferol-form.

1 to 3 drops | 0 | 0

Dosage as specified by the manufacturer

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Dosage depends on the amount of Vit D
(Ratio A : D = 1 : 4 to 8)

Vitamin K2
for example:
Super-K from LifeExtension

90 (women) bis 120 (men) mcg per day

1 | 0 | 0

Duration: 3 to 6 months.
If no lab test is available, I would recommend applying this vitamin D protocol during winter, and would suggest taking a break during the summer.

General rule of thumb with an existing lab result:

100 iU Vit D will raise blood levels by 1 ng/mL within 2 to 3 months.

Example: if you would like to raise your levels by 30 ng/mL, your daily dosage of vitamin D will be 3000 iU for 2 to 3 months.

Afterwards re-test.

What helps against...
H. Pilory and Candida


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.

H. Pilory

Mastica Gum, 500 mg per capsule
from Allergy Research Group

2 | 2 | 2
right before meals

Bio-HPF from Biotics Research

2-3 | 2-3 | 2-3
right before meals

Duration: 2 months. Then take 1 to 2 weeks off before starting another 2-month cycle.

Afterwards round off with the "Leaky-Gut"-Protocol.

Candida Albicans

Oregano Oil from Designs for Health

1-2 | 1-2 | 1-2

Formula SF722 from Thorne Research

2 | 2 | 2

Duration: At least 2 months.

Additionally follow a anti-candida-diet: no sugar, no gluten, no vinegar, low-carb for at least 7 to 14 days, ideally for 1 month.

Afterwards round off with the Leaky-Gut-Protocol.

Leaky Gut Protocol


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.

Digestzyme from Designs for Health

1-3 | 1-3 | 1-3

Active charcoal capsules
Takesumi Supreme by Supreme Nutrition Products

2 caps at 10 am, 2 caps before bed

As specified by the manufacturer

GI Revive Powder from Designs for Health

2 scoops at 10 am,
2 scoops before bed

Immuno Synbiotic from NutriSpec

2 | 2 | 2

Prescript Assist 

1-2 | 1-2 | 1-2

Hydrozyme from Biotics Research

2-4 | 2-4 | 2-4

Duration: 2 to 12 months.

To additionally fight inflammation add in:

Organic India's Turmeric Formula

1 | 0 | 1

Fish oil

2 tp 4 grams per day

How to fuel your body to increase performance
in endurance sports

The discovery of the potential performance applications for ketone bodies gets increasing attention.

In endurance sports, the energy supply is shaped like a pyramid, with fats at its base deliver the majority of energy. With a well-functioning fat metabolism, the aerobic part of the energy need is supplied by fats and the body’s glycogen reserves are spared.

Ketone bodies are three water soluble molecules (Acetone, Beta-hydroxybutyrate and Acetoacetate), which are produced by the liver using fatty acids, in order to be used as an energy source instead of glucose.

Ketone bodies produce more energy (ATP) per unit of oxygen than carbohydrates, protein or fats are able to. A high level of ketone bodies in your blood can be achieved via ketogenic diet.

However, new studies show, that switching to a ketonic diet is not necessary in order to temporarily raise the amount of serum ketone bodies: via oral ingestion of ketone bodies in form of sodium and calcium salts.


morning | noon | evening
with meals if not mentioned otherwise.

Initial dosage
Take 15 minutes before training


Drink 2.5dl of water 

KetoCaNa by Prototype Nutrition

1 heaping scoop

(if possible from 100% Caprylic Acid)

1 teaspoon 15 minutes

Hinweis: zu Beginn sind mögliche Nebenwirkungen Blähungen oder Durchfall. Desshalb rate ich dringend, die Formel zuerst im Training und nicht an Deinem Saisonhöhepunktevent zu testen.

Please note: possible side effects in the beginning are flatulence or diarrhea. This is why I strongly suggest to first test the formula while training and not during your highlight event of the season.

Competition protocol


Drink 2.5 dl water 15 minutes before the event

KetoCaNa from Prototype Nutrition

1 heaping scoop 15 minutes before the event

(if possible from 100% Caprylic Acid)

1 teaspoon 15 minutes before the event

Repeat this dosage every 2 hours.

In addition take:

Master Amino Pattern MAP


Catabolic Blocker from NourishBalanceThrive

5 to 10 tablets 30 minutes before the event

5 to 10 tablets 30 minutes before the event

Then take 2 to 3 tablets per hour at normal intensity and 5 tablets per hour at high intensity.

During the entire competition season

Creatine Monohydrate from Douglas Labs

5 grams per day

Beta-Alanine SRT from Designs for Health

3 grams per day

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