Spending a weekend at the beach can teach us a lesson: everyone knows to wait 2 hours before going for a swim after having a big meal. Nevertheless, very few stick to it. And usually nothing happens.

It is similar with our diet. Everyone knows that one should avoid eating certain foods if the goal is to surf the challenges of the day as energized as an 8-year old fourth grader. Nevertheless, very few stick to it. And therefore nothing really happens in terms of ‘feeling more energized’. (I find it ironic that in order to have more energy, it is crucial NOT to eat crap labeled as ‘energy whatsoever’.)

My clients always ask me how strictly they should comply with my dietary recommendations. My answer changed from “try the best” to “100% balls to the walls” over the years. And here’s why:

The big miracle

Your body creates up to 20 million cells per second! That’s 20 million chances per second to get better, or to screw up your health. The available building blocks inside your body determine the quality and reliability of your cells.

What many do not know: your body is constantly rebuilding itself, no matter what. If the high quality ‘stainless steel bolts’ are not available because of your poor food choices, your body will be using cheap drywall screws instead. Let me say that again: if you provide crappy building material, you will end up getting a crappy house.

Tourists often experience a similar phenomena when spending vacation in one of the cheaper tourist resorts: newly built hotels begin to decay even before the grand opening and after 10 years of operation, the consequences for guests are plentiful enough to spoil the entire trip.

What you eat determines the quality of your cells. An optimal, healthy diet without exceptions (read the 3 absolute worst foods you should never eat) is essential, especially if you want to get results!

The secret of success

Chose micronutrient-dense real food and don’t cheat. I highly recommend you look into The Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls. After 4 weeks, see how you look, feel and perform (as Robb Wolf likes to say). And after 3 months, the time has come to make up your mind: keep doing what you’re doing if you have any evidence that your health is improving. And please, don’t expect to be symptom-free. Repairing cells, organs and entire systems takes time, lots of time in some cases. Look out for subtle signs of improvement such as increased energy, improved sleep, fewer headaches, decreasing digestive issues, less frequent mood swings, feeling more happy, etc.

Why it takes so long to repair

Here’s an interesting list of the estimated repair cycles under optimal conditions:

  • Intestinal wall 5 days
  • Taste buds (tongue) 10 days
  • Skin (epidermis) 14 days
  • Lung surface 40 days
  • Alveoli 1 year
    Location of gas exchange with blood cells
  • Red blood cells 4 months
    After a journey of about 1600 km (1000 miles). Recycled in the spleen.
  • Liver 1 to 2 years
  • Bones 10 years
  • Heart 20 years
    According to latest research
  • Eyes (lens cells) no renewal
  • Brain (neuron) no renewal
    With the exception of the olfactory bulb which is responsible for the sense of smell, and the hippocampus (memory  for faces and places). These two areas of the brain appears to have an ability to renew.

I wish you much success on your adventure to conquer Mt Everest!


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