Drain Your Energy With Orange Juice For Breakfast

A glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast has to be a fruity-strong start into the day, right? One could falsely think that. Fortunately, as a regular reader of my blog, you know better, and the awesome orange juice for breakfast commercial with the happy family, the unnaturally blue sky, and the overly bright sunshine rolls off your shoulders like raindrops off my freshly polished and waxed Chevy Tahoe. One serving of orange juice (approx. 8 ounces) from the supermarket [...]

Buttered Coffee: The Perfect Boost

You like coffee and you love its kick. So far so good. How perfect would it be if you could extend its effect significantly AND the potion would somehow transform itself into becoming a healthy drink? That's exactly what you can get! Homemade and in 3 simple steps. Here's how to do it: Prepare two cups of your preferred black coffee. My first choice: Upgraded Coffee, organically grown coffee, harvested from a family-owned estate  in Central America using natural processing methods that result in [...]

Bold: Almost Top Three With Only 8hrs Of Training

With less than 8 hours of training, I rode over 140 km at the most recent GranFondo. I placed 4th in my age category or 26th among over 1000 starters. How I did this, and if this will also work for you will be revealed in the following lines. About engines, hormones and a team I used to train like most people do – as long and as hard as possible. This is normal in an endurance sport like cycling. [...]

Stunning: San Francisco To Los Angeles Bike Ride

Something I wanted to do for a long time: ride down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Finally the opportunity arouse and I embraced it without much hesitation. Tools used Google’s turn-by-turn navigation for bicycles on iPhone hotel.com app for bookings Stages Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz Santa Cruz to Pacific Cove Pacific Cove to Morro Bay Morro Bay to Lompoc Lompoc to Ventura Ventura to Hermosa Beach Web resource Klaus Komenda, Biking [...]

Re-Fuel With Your Own Sports Drink

Play an extra card by making a high-energy sports drink from real food: 1. It gives your body  the exact right amount of energy to keep you going. 2. It doesn't overload your digestive tract (no cramping, gaz or bloating) 3. It comes with all the co-factors needed for quick absorption 4. BONUS: They go right to the places where they are needed without steeling your body's own nutrients