The Formula To Automated Weight Loss After 40

Countless diets promise a weight loss success: Atkins, Dukan, Paleo, Keto, and IIFYM, just to name a few. A diet book search on Amazon, for example, yields more than 24k results. Which diet does really work? The answer is simple: most could work. The tricky part is to choose a diet that makes it easy for you to stay within a certain calorie deficit since you can’t really get around that part if you want to shed a few pounds [...]

The Game-Changing Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss: Heavier Than Before Or Permanently Lean

Weight loss does not equal fat loss. One leads to frustration and more kilos than before. The other to finally getting lean. The difference is crucial. They only share one common ground, a necessary calorie deficit. So what is different? In a weight loss scenario, you typically try to eat as little as possible. In a fat loss approach, you are trying to eat as much as possible. Now you want an explanation, I suppose. Losing weight If your previous [...]

Weight Loss After 40 And Blood Sugar Level: This Is How It Is Connected

Whether you want to burn fat or build muscle, carbohydrates play a key role. If losing weight does not work, carbohydrates and a corresponding blood sugar level are often to blame. Blood sugar is simply free energy, which is available quickly and across the body thanks to the vascular system. If this energy is present above a certain amount, your fat stores remain untouched. Because the demand for energy is extremely high in adolescent years, we get away reasonably free [...]

What Supplements Do I Take

To be honest, I would not ever have guessed that I ever will rely on the extra help of nutritional supplements. But since I started working with blood panels, this has changed. For me, the result revealed an underactive thyroid, low IGF-1 and a digestive system, which lacks a bit of its digestive power with unwanted food particles leaking into the blood stream as a result. All of these findings not necessarily being ideal for sufficient energy at work, for sports and fast recovery after [...]

The Main Reason You’re Not Losing Weight At The Gym

You are super-motivated to lose weight, and that's the reason why you're lifting weights? Perfect. But don't fall into the trap of making a big mistake at the gym that will undo all your other weight loss efforts. The easiest way to condition your body to burn fat is to target all your strategies towards this goal. This not only includes proper diet and enough sleep but of course also the necessary exercise. I know, I know… this is yesterday’s news. Hang [...]

This Is How Losing Weight Works: Outsmarting Insulin

If you want to lose weight, there is really only one method that will lead you to your desired weight – keeping the evil insulin man in check! Whenever the pounds need to come off, the basic command that must reign inside you is that all systems source their energy from the body's fat reserves. The notorious insulin-man To do so, it is important to know: your body distributes important messages within its system using hormones. They are pretty much your internal mailmen. Now [...]

How To Lose Weight At California Pizza Kitchen

Just in case you have been reducing carbs to assure your appealing entrance at the beach, and still would like to visit your favorite pizza restaurant, I will show you how you can do that without any problems. I will use my favourite pizzeria here in LA, the “California Pizza Kitchen,” (CPK) to show you how to master this challenge. The easiest trick I pull out of my sleeve whenever I know that my weakness for these hand-tossed crust 'flatbreads' might trick me, is quite simple: [...]

The Alligator Pear: The Ideal Snack For Weight Loss

I've often been asked what kind of snack I recommend to a) obtain a sufficiently large boost of energy and b) not to compromise any weight loss efforts. Sometimes the solution is a lot simpler than we think! As an example, I drive a 15-year old Chevy Tahoe truck. I find there is hardly a more reliable car. However, the sun bleached plastic- and metal parts have been bothering me for quite some time. My neighbor had the best insider’s tip [...]

Buttered Coffee: The Perfect Boost

You like coffee and you love its kick. So far so good. How perfect would it be if you could extend its effect significantly AND the potion would somehow transform itself into becoming a healthy drink? That's exactly what you can get! Homemade and in 3 simple steps. Here's how to do it: Prepare two cups of your preferred black coffee. My first choice: Upgraded Coffee, organically grown coffee, harvested from a family-owned estate  in Central America using natural processing methods that result in [...]