Mead: A Legendary Drink Made In Oceanside, CA

I love to tell stories about people with a passion for sustainably produced food. Typically this means that something is created with great skill and respect for nature by using traditional craftsmanship. For our documentary series "Better with Real Food", Hili and I were fortunate to meet with Frank Golbeck in Oceanside, California. Frank is co-founder of Golden Coast Mead, a craft beverage company dedicated to making the legendary mead. Mead is the oldest fermented beverage in the world and [...]

Confessions Of An Uncontrolled Eater

Hello. My name is René. I'm a Nutritional Therapist and suffering from uncontrolled eating. When I had my last relapse last fall, I decided to give up my job. I always see myself as an imposter when I succumb to the craving for the fast carbohydrates. Once I give in, I usually can’t stop. During such attack, I can easily eat three-quarters of a jar of Nutella on an entire white baguette-style bread, a pizza with a pack of blue corn chips, [...]

Simply Put: Healthy Eating

Getting bulletproof health and feeling fabulous fit over 40 starts with food. A healthy diet is not always the sole key to achieving the optimal self, but without exception an essential part of the solution. Here are my three basic eating principles that I call Better With Real Food. 1. Real Food vs Fake Food Never make the mistake of underestimating the power of food. Food can either make you healthy or make you sick. It's as simple as that. What is [...]

Cheesemaking From Raw Milk: Guardians Of The Lost Taste

I'm an admirer of traditional production methods since I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Weston A. Price. I could spend hours listening to my Uncle Fritz and Aunt Rosemarie telling how foods was processed, stored and prepared in the past. At a unique occasion, I even got hold of Dr. Bircher-Benner’s famous cookbook from 1929. But I digress. Nowadays, less and less raw milk products are made every year. Safety concerns are given as the main reason for the systemic [...]

Good Catch: Eating Fish Without Guilt

Basically everyone agrees: eating fish is healthy. Among other things fish provides an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly docosahexaenoic acid, abbreviated DHA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA. Both are currently experiencing a winning streak in the form of modern and pleasant tasting fish oils after the 'bugbear' cod liver oil somewhat disappeared from the surface 35 years ago. According to the neurosurgeon Jack Kruse, DHA has one crucial function: DHA in cells converts light signals into electrical signals [...]

How much carbs in prunes?

Prunes are now officially supposed to be called "dried plums" because the growers think they will sell better with the name change. I will keep calling them prunes because I prefer to eat them fresh and not dried. How much carbs in prunes? 1 fruit contains approximately 6 g of net carbs (sugar) and 1 g of fiber resulting in 28 calories. At first glance, prunes seem like a healthy source of energy. But how healthy are prunes really? Many nutritionists [...]

The Big Miracle: Don’t Screw Up Your 20 Million Chance!

Spending a weekend at the beach can teach us a lesson: everyone knows to wait 2 hours before going for a swim after having a big meal. Nevertheless, very few stick to it. And usually nothing happens. It is similar with our diet. Everyone knows that one should avoid eating certain foods if the goal is to surf the challenges of the day as energized as an 8-year old fourth grader. Nevertheless, very few stick to it. And therefore nothing [...]

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Last week I overheard a conversation between two neighbors about their problems with cellulite. The question was: how to get rid of cellulite naturally. And since the warm weather is already knocking at our summer clothes cabinet, the time has come to dispel the myths. Cellulite is just as stubborn as it is frequent. There are countless products and procedures available which promise you the moon and then fail miserably. Because the physiology of cellulite makes it extremely difficult to [...]

Is It True That Meat Provides The Better Protein Than Plants?

First, a quick repetition in biology: Amino acids are the basic components that give rise to complex proteins (proteins). The roles of proteins Enzymes (speed up chemical processes) Immune system (in the form of antibodies), Transport (proteins transport other molecules e.g. hemoglobin for oxygen) Hormones (signaling substances in the blood), Neurotransmitters (chemical messengers between neurons) Energy (converts into blood sugar) Structure (foundation for cells, organs and connective tissue) In order for our body to assemble perfect proteins (protein synthesis), 20 [...]

Part 1: The Three Keys To Breaking A Frustrating Lack Of Progress

Welcome to the Swiss Nutritioneer Masterclass: Shift gears using real food and modern lab testing. All you need to know to finally getting life changing results. My name is René and I would like to thank you for your interest in this course. Congratulations on your decision to upgrade your knowledge to change your health from the emergency lane to the fast lane. However, before starting I would like to mention the so-called tripe syndrome*. It states that certain insights [...]

My Sugar Rehab: Day 89

It's time for an update on my adventure to my optimal self and the fight against my sugar addiction. It is now day 89 without me having a relapse. Yay! Usually, I can eat a meal, get up from the table without having any desert and still feel happy and satisfied. This is huge. Risky for me are now only days when I eat too much fruit or wait too long with preparing my next meal. Then grasping a "healthy [...]

Eating Real Food: How Fast Will You Get Better?

Although there are many reasons why someone reaches out to me, one question is as certain as getting a ticket when you forget about your city's street sweeping day: Rene, now that you make me eat a lot healthier, how fast will I feel better? My honest answer Eating healthy focuses on the long-term rebuilding of health, not on the short-term suppression of symptoms. It takes time to restore normal function of cells, organs and systems. The fine tuning of [...]

Go To Bed Early: The Magic 8 Hours

I know, there are things that you've learned from your mother: say thank you when you get something offered, take your cap off if you sit down at a table to eat, and go to bed on time. You know it and that's why you do it in most cases. Or not. Let me tell you why you should at least stick to the 'go to bed early' part: The 24-hour organ clock According to traditional Chinese medicine, [...]

Understanding Body Language: Less Than One Bowel Movement Per Day?

The postman just delivered my mail and packages. As he does every day. Always around the same time I hear the distinct sound of the mailbox lid and the short barking of the neighbor dog. Sometimes he's 'late', and on these days, I always notice a subtle change in the everyday routine. However, no big deal. Except on one day. There's no postman on Sundays. And I know, Sunday is different. A special day. The lack of postal services indicates [...]

Gluten Free: Don’t Be Fooled

I can still remember the moment when Timm Thaler sold his hearty laugh to the black Baron in 1979 (Famous German TV series). I was sitting tensely on the couch and wanted to yell at Timm to only say one thing: Don't do that! This is not going to work! Well, a few days ago I again had such a Timm Thaler moment. I came across a blog article of another nutrition professional basically raving about a gluten free, refined [...]