Buttered Coffee: The Perfect Boost

You like coffee and you love its kick. So far so good. How perfect would it be if you could extend its effect significantly AND the potion would somehow transform itself into becoming a healthy drink? That's exactly what you can get! Homemade and in 3 simple steps. Here's how to do it: Prepare two cups of your preferred black coffee. My first choice: Upgraded Coffee, organically grown coffee, harvested from a family-owned estate  in Central America using natural processing methods that result in [...]

My Meals Exposed: A Seven Day Photo Diary Of What I Eat

Find out how super simple it is to cook and eat real food! I'm not a chef (I'm an assembler) and you don't have to become one either. My meals have to deliver two things: nutrient density and being quick in the making. There you have it. Don't tell me you can't do what a lazy surfer and former cyclist can do in his forties. No more excuses! :) Day 1 Breakfast | total prep time: 10 min ♥ broccoli and grass fed [...]

Going Green When Things Turn Red

Drinking a Green Smoothie is a great way to incorporate stress-busting greens into your diet. A glass contains more vitamins and enzymes than many people get in one week! Watch these week's episode to find out how to make a smoothie in 3 easy steps.

Re-Fuel With Your Own Sports Drink

Play an extra card by making a high-energy sports drink from real food: 1. It gives your body  the exact right amount of energy to keep you going. 2. It doesn't overload your digestive tract (no cramping, gaz or bloating) 3. It comes with all the co-factors needed for quick absorption 4. BONUS: They go right to the places where they are needed without steeling your body's own nutrients

My Secret Morning Elixir

Intro: There you go. My first Youtube-episode. I’m a bit embarrassed because I find myself way to stiff and unnecessarily serious. Yet the camera man (thanks Jimmy) called it a wrap after take #274 and I won’t blame him. “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good” as my cohort and close friend T from Atavist Nutrition likes to say, so please give me credit for at least trying. Today I would like to give you an easy tip [...]