I’m an admirer of traditional production methods since I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Weston A. Price. I could spend hours listening to my Uncle Fritz and Aunt Rosemarie telling how foods was processed, stored and prepared in the past.

At a unique occasion, I even got hold of Dr. Bircher-Benner’s famous cookbook from 1929. But I digress.

Nowadays, less and less raw milk products are made every year. Safety concerns are given as the main reason for the systemic pasteurization. However, increased shelf life and resulting profits seem to be the more believable explanation to me.

With a few exceptions no raw milk products are made here in the US. Fortunately that’s still not the case in Switzerland. Although the trend line is showing in the same direction, they are still there: the wonderful tasting cheese and butter delicacies made from fresh raw milk.

Andreas “Hili” Hilkinger and I wanted to capture how this traditional dairy art looks like while we still could. And with the help of thorough research work of Mama von Gunten, we were successful in locating such an artist in a remote Alpine valley in Switzerland: In the mountain hut ‘Sigriswilerberg’, Beni Fankhauser still makes cheese by hand over an open fire pit in accordance with ancient tradition.

The result is a short film, which reflects the unique atmosphere surrounding this craftsmanship.

I hope you have as much fun while watching this episode, as we had when creating it. And don’t forget to support the people behind real food, for instance by choosing raw milk cheeses or butter.

Thanks for watching and sharing.