I can still remember the moment when Timm Thaler sold his hearty laugh to the black Baron in 1979 (Famous German TV series). I was sitting tensely on the couch and wanted to yell at Timm to only say one thing: Don’t do that! This is not going to work!

Well, a few days ago I again had such a Timm Thaler moment. I came across a blog article of another nutrition professional basically raving about a gluten free, refined granola muesli.


Of course, the word ‘healthy’ was also somewhere to be found in the text. And once more, I was sitting on a couch and this time I wanted to somewhat more gently whisper in every reader’s ear: No, don’t! This is not going to work! :)

Where is the mistake?
To avoid gluten is definitely a wise decision. And those who suffer from an obvious gluten allergy have no choice anyway. However, a lot of people are slipping on banana peel because they make the mistake of swapping highly processed foods with gluten free highly processed foods. The immediate symptoms of gluten intolerance are indeed prevented, but the real problem remains.

Root cause of many sensitivities or allergies is mostly the combination of a lack of nutrients with an excess of chronic stressors of any shape or form. (Read more: main reasons of stress)

The best strategy for the courageous out there is to head for new shores: Replace the problematic substances with nutrient dense, real food. Dare to adventure and flood your systems with  vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and high quality building materials (proteins). More information: the 3 best foods you can eat.

Timm had to break away from his every day routine and master several adventures to win back his laugh. But this was precisely the great recipe for success. There’s no guarantee, but who knows, maybe this recipe for success will also work for you?!

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These are the real gluten-free products:

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