Last week I overheard a conversation between two neighbors about their problems with cellulite. The question was: how to get rid of cellulite naturally. And since the warm weather is already knocking at our summer clothes cabinet, the time has come to dispel the myths.

Cellulite is just as stubborn as it is frequent. There are countless products and procedures available which promise you the moon and then fail miserably. Because the physiology of cellulite makes it extremely difficult to eliminate the problem entirely.

What is Cellulite?

Estimates speak of at least 80% of all women who suffer from cellulite in any form. The fat cells of women arrange in vertical columns (like a wooden fence), which are more prone to dents than the net-like structure (like a chain link fence) in men.

Affected areas are mainly thighs and buttocks, but also hip, abdomen and upper arm. In mild cases, the unloved pattern appears only when pinching the skin or if the skin is compressed (bending or crossing legs). In worse cases, the dents are always visible, regardless of posture.

In order for the infamous dimpled pattern comes to appear, it needs a hardened connective tissue that has lost its flexibility. (The role of connective tissue is to join skin and muscles.) This “pull” effect over the fat cells leads to the bumpy skin appearance.

Stiffened connective tissue and less the number of fat cells play the leading role in this phenomenon. This explains why even slim female athletes may suffer from cellulite and on the other hand, why some overweight women can be proud of their silky smooth thighs.

The 3 causes of cellulite

Collagen degeneration
Leading to a lack of elasticity of the connective tissue (consists mostly of collagen, a structural protein). Triggers for degradation of the collagen are hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and cellular dehydration.
Nutritional tip: Vitamin C, complete protein, zinc

These complex carbohydrate chains bind water like a sponge and are virtually a biological lubricant. They are responsible for a delicate and soft skin. Reasons for a lack of glycosaminoglycans include sugar intake, inflammatory foods and excessive fluoride in drinking water and diet. Another important reason is what is called an estrogen dominance. (Too much estrogen in relation to progesterone).
Nutritional tp: bone broth from beef or chicken

Overloaded lymphatic system and impaired liver function
The lymphatic system and the liver are your detox police. If your detox police is overloaded, the toxins are stored in fatty tissues where fat cells get sick and accumulated.
Nutritional tip: Sulfur-rich vegetables and antioxidants (brightly colored vegetables) for liver detoxification.

The million-dollar question:
How to get rid of cellulite naturally ?

When reading through the many books and guides, one comes to the conclusion: most of those affected can hope for a reduction in the appearance of cellulite if the underlying physiological factors are addressed by choosing a mix of following interventions:

1. Healthy diet
Avoid sugar and excessive consumption of carbohydrates, have more vegetables and healthy proteins. Fish is great and also offers a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Avoid toxins
in food (food additives, pesticides, etc.) and environment (heavy metals, radiation, etc.)

3. Restore hormonal balance
Irregular menstrual cycle, premenstrual complaints, etc. are clear signs of an out of control hormonal system. Specific lab tests help uncover the causes and to correct them.

4. Optimize thyroid function
A low body temperature (below 36.4 C / 97.4 F) indicates a decreased thyroid function.
Saunas, exercise and specific mineral supplements (iodine, seaweed, selenium, herbs such as Ashwaganda, etc.) have a stimulating effect on the thyroid gland.

5. Dry skin brushing
You can support detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system doing dry skin brushing.

6. Exercise
Although fat alone is not the cause of cellulite, a reduction of excessive fat deposits can reduce the pull on the connective tissue. Doing healthy exercises is the key to success. Hiking, choosing stairs over elevators, yoga, pilates, etc. are perfect examples of a healthy movement. Too vigorous workouts can quickly become an additional stress for the body and reverse its effects.

7. Massages
Cellulite focused massages help to improve the appearance quite fast. I suspect the main reason behind this quick fix is the light swelling of the treated tissue (similar to the below mentioned creams). Massages also promote the removal of waste products via the lymphatic system and thus support the reduction of cellulite in the long run.

8. Collagen boosting creams
with retinoids (eg retinol = Vit A) and liposome-encapsuled caffeine. One possibility in case of a short notice vacation at the beach.

9. Lemon water with cayenne pepper
Finally, a tip from nature: A glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon and a little cayenne pepper. Taken 3x per day. The circulation-promoting power mix helps with all complaints where more blood circulation and stimulation is needed – not only for cellulite.

Thanks for reading.
Just ask if you have any questions.


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