You are super-motivated to lose weight, and that’s the reason why you’re lifting weights? Perfect. But don’t fall into the trap of making a big mistake at the gym that will undo all your other weight loss efforts.

The easiest way to condition your body to burn fat is to target all your strategies towards this goal. This not only includes proper diet and enough sleep but of course also the necessary exercise. I know, I know… this is yesterday’s news.

Hang in there; it’s going to get much more exciting

Losing weight is like tug of war between two teams. In your body, team Anabolic is fighting team Catabolic. To achieve your beach body, you should interfere in this trial of strength from the outside, because only if team Catabolic gains the upper hand, you will start shedding pounds.

Here we go

Depending on the execution of the weight training exercises, they either result in bulking up (anabolic) or cutting down (catabolic). This is caused by the release of certain hormones, which ensure that the effect will last way longer than it takes for the glass screen of your shower to dry.

It is, therefore decisive, which hormones are triggered by your workout and as a result, which of the two teams will be strengthened.

If you’re agonizing in the weight room, applying the (at least among body builders) well-known 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions per station, I have news for you: you should reconsider your workout regimen.

Because this is what usually happens: nothing.

Here’s why you are not losing weight despite lifting weights

If you want to lose weight and are ensuring a proper diet by keeping the insulin-man at bay, you’re already supporting the right team – team Catabolic.

But since the above-mentioned weight training (so-called hypertrophic training) helps the opposing team Anabolic, the tug of war remains balanced. And you keep waiting for any success.

Good to know.

So how am I supposed to workout at the gym in order to lose weight?

Here’s the formula I tend to achieve the best results with.

A healthy caloric deficit should be combined with one or even two of the following types of working out:

  • Easy and steady endurance training (30 to 60 minutes may be enough) such as walking, jogging, biking, hiking, etc.

Most important: only low intensity promotes the right team Catabolic. My rule of thumb for all my clients is to only breathe in and out through the nose. As soon as you have to breathe through the mouth, the intensity is too high. I know it takes courage. Especially in the beginning when your neighbor with her shopping trolley overtakes you! But, losing weight takes precedence over pride. Hang in there!

  • Maximum strength training at the gym.

Important: Increase the weight to the point that you can make no more than 5 repetitions (!) on the particular machine. Better even are 2 to 3 repetitions. Accordingly the weight that has to be lifted must be heavy – and I mean heavy.
The exercises should be performed slowly. Make 3 to 5 sets with a loooong pause after each set of at least 3 minutes (full recovery).

Additional miracle cure

It is the secret recipe for quicker success and legal doping for your metabolism. Added once a week to the workout routines mentioned above, it may already lead to additional weight loss.

  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Important: 3 to 12 short yet full throttle sprints of 10 to 30 seconds. Rest at least 3 minutes between each sprint (full recovery). Works with running, on the bike, or with weights. And the best part – the whole workout session can be done in less than 15 minutes. Boom!

For couch potatoes

If you’re not moving much, and light endurance training or maximum strength exercises at the gym are out of the question for you, then at least try implementing HIIT as perfect turbo for your weight loss success.

Et voilà. Have fun while losing weight – thanks to proper training!

Thanks for reading.