I love to tell stories about people with a passion for sustainably produced food. Typically this means that something is created with great skill and respect for nature by using traditional craftsmanship.

For our documentary series “Better with Real Food”, Hili and I were fortunate to meet with Frank Golbeck in Oceanside, California. Frank is co-founder of Golden Coast Mead, a craft beverage company dedicated to making the legendary mead.

Mead is the oldest fermented beverage in the world and thus has an even older tradition than wine. It was not only drunk in large quantities at celebrations, but was used in ritual ceremonies as a drink for the gods for centuries.

In modern times, mead made a stunning comeback since it was been mentioned in popular sagas such as the Hobbit, Beowulf and Game of Thrones.

Frank tells us how a bottle of homemade mead from his grandfather got the whole ball rolling and reveals the secrets of traditional and sustainable art of brewing.

Have fun with this latest episode and – cheers.