Welcome to the Swiss Nutritioneer Masterclass: Shift gears using real food and modern lab testing. All you need to know to finally getting life changing results.

My name is René and I would like to thank you for your interest in this course. Congratulations on your decision to upgrade your knowledge to change your health from the emergency lane to the fast lane.

However, before starting I would like to mention the so-called tripe syndrome*. It states that certain insights may change your view of how things are forever. After some point, there’s no way back to the comforting bliss of ignorance.

*Tripe Syndrome

The tripe syndrome has its origins in the kitchen somewhere in a small town in Switzerland. A small boy was abruptly informed that his beloved tripe dish in fact is made from animal stomachs. This information shock affects him to this day, preventing the reintroduction of his formerly favorite dish even after 35 years.

However, we know at least since the star wars saga that knowledge is power. A strong weapon enabling the big wins. So, let’s get ahead and jump to the first lesson without further explanations. Listen closely, young Anakin.

Today’s Objective:
Understanding The Concept Of The Three Key Systems


Main causes
1 Emotional stressors
(Death, divorce, birth, work stress, financial worries, etc.)

2 Poor nutrition
(Gluten, alcohol, sugar, too many carbohydrates, etc.)

3 Chronic Pain & Inflammation
(Accident, surgery, all-itis diseases, parasites, bacteria, etc.)

4 Environmental influences
(Toxins, mold, radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.)

3 Key systems

The following three systems provide maximum adaptability and vitality. They hold the key to health:

  • Hormone system
  • Digestive and immune systems
  • Detoxification system

Chronic conditions overwhelm the three key systems over time. Symptoms spill over as a result.

Here you can write down all your complaints.

3 Case Studies

Case 1
Current problems: obesity, fatigue, depression
Main cause: Chronic infection caused by hidden parasite


The infection from a hidden parasite (bad drinking water) resulted in damaging the digestive system. Short-term effects were nausea and vomiting immediately after the first exposure to the parasite. However, they disappeard after a few days. The parasite remained active and led to adrenal exhaustion after 10 years, because of the constantly required hormones to suppress the local inflammation. This caused complaints in the form of unwanted weight gain, chronic fatigue and depression.


Case 2
Current problems: obesity, fatigue, depression
Main cause: Hidden gluten intolerance


Over time, the hidden gluten intolerance led to tissue damage in the digestive tract. (Surprisingly not triggering obvious digestive problems.) However, the injury to the intestinal walls causing persistent inflammation led to a depleted hormone system after 15 years. This caused weight gain, persistent fatigue and depression.


Case 3
Current problems: obesity, fatigue, depression 
Main cause: excessive stress


The ongoing stress and the perceived excessive demands during education led to a disruption of the hormonal balance and thus directly to obesity, chronic fatigue and depression.


The Aha Moment


  • Identical symptoms (complaints) can have completely different root causes for different people.
  • Symptoms change over time, despite the same root causes.
  • A symptom is an accumulation of several previous malfunctions carried to the surface.
    (In other words, you don’t get a disease at the age of 65 out of the blue. E.g. you’ll get it with 30, it just takes 35 more years to develop into the final stage).

Hmm, so what is …

The Solution

To chase after complaints on the surface is a long lost battle. A more promising approach takes care of the three key systems, is making efforts to isolate the root causes and ends with their elimination.

Smart solutions therefore primarily assist the long-term rehabilitation of health, not the short-term suppression of symptoms. However, restoring normal function of cells, organs and systems takes time.

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Putting It Into Practice

And this is how it is done in my online practice:

1. Checking the three key systems
For this I use functional lab testing. These allow an assessment of the current function and basically serve as an early warning system. (In contrast to conventional tests from your doctor’s office, which diagnose the final state of a disease). The required specimen such as saliva, urine or stool are collected by the client at home and directly sent to the lab. My most frequently used lab tests are:

  • Biohealth Lab Panels # 101 (liver function), # 201, # 205 and # 208 (hormones), # 401H (parasites, bacteria, fungi), # 254 (sleep hormone)
  • Great Plain Labs, Organic Acids Test OAT (liver function)
  • ZRT Labs, Vitamin D Test
  • ALCAT food allergy tests (milk, wheat, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, etc.)
  • Cyrex Labs, array 3 & 4 (gluten sensitivity test)

2 Identifying the root causes
An analysis of past and current life events (I call this part the “risk assessment”) with the goal to identify the root causes.

3 Additional tests
Additional nutrient deficiencies are identified using my online questionnaire.
Further home tests such as the 7-day body temperature test (Barnes test) are indicative of important parameters such as thyroid function.