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The Secret To Getting Lean & Fit Over 40

by René von Gunten, NTP CPT

If you want a defined and toned appearance, two things have to coincide – built muscles and low body fat.

For me, for example, the goal is a body fat percentage of less than 10%. Once you have achieved that and built muscles at the same time, the reward will be attractive abs and a defined appearance you can be proud of. The contours of your muscles will be clearly visible, and a beach body “suitable” for California is guaranteed.

Women mostly aim for a body fat percentage of below 20%. With the proper diet combined with strength training, the desired toned and shapely body is within reach, and you'll get a flat stomach, slender legs, and a firm bottom.

My easy-to-read-guide shows how you can finally achieve an athletic build:

FREE eBook:
The 3 Clean Eating Principles for Looking Great & Losing Weight

by René von Gunten, NTP CPT

Getting bulletproof health and feeling fabulously fit over 40 starts with food. A clean diet is not always the sole key to achieving the optimal self, but without exception an essential part of every intervention. 

Whenever things don't go as planned and you suffer from 

  • hair loss
  • difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • mid-section weight gain
  • fatigue
  • concentration loss
  • brain fog
  • depression
  • loss of sex drive
  • muscle weakness
  • diminishing results at the gym
  • muscle and joint pain

then this simple, bite-sized guide reveals the information you need to know!

The One-Day Swiss Solution Eating Plan

for beginners

by René von Gunten, NTP CPT

Do you struggle through the daily grind feeling tired and depleted of energy?

The inspiring beginner’s guide will help you to have more energy, feel younger and be one day closer to bulletproof health.

  • Incredibly easy to prepare meals, 20 healthy snack ideas and a delicious dessert to enjoy without guilt!
  • Minimal cleanup and without your kitchen being a mess at the end!
  • Ingredients you can find easily in any supermarket, that will get you to the checkout counter in less than 10 minutes!

Free Digital Version (PDF)

Paper Edition

Ideal as a gift and for all of us who still love the haptic pleasure of turning a printed page.

Recommended cookbooks:

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

I absolutely love this cookbook. It's how I cook. Simple and easy meals, even single ingredient recipes, done in minutes. All you need is a knife and pan - and a Nutribullet.

Luckily I don't have to write my own cookbook now. Mickey Trescott, a fellow NTP, has done that for me.
Thank you Mickey! 

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Eat Happy

While the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook is the ideal solution for 'assemblers' like I am, Eat Happy is perfect for people who enjoy cooking. 

"Anna's recipes call for basic ingredients that don’t require a lot of expensive kitchen gadgets or endless hours with multiple steps. Just simple, good food that’s easy to prepare and tastes delicious."

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