Getting bulletproof health and feeling fabulous fit over 40 starts with food. A healthy diet is not always the sole key to achieving the optimal self, but without exception an essential part of the solution. Here are my three basic eating principles that I call Better With Real Food.

1. Real Food vs Fake Food

Never make the mistake of underestimating the power of food. Food can either make you healthy or make you sick. It’s as simple as that.

  • What is Real Food?
    logo-betterwith-snReal food comes in the form like nature created it, mostly grown in the ground or from animal sources. It is unrefined and unprocessed and therefore full of nutrients. Usually, it is perishable and seasonal. Real food is vital, has regenerative and replenishing properties and makes us feel great! I’m talking vegetables, berries, meat, fish, eggs, nuts & seeds, fruit and conditional consumption of legumes and roots or tubers such as carrots, beets, yams and sweet potatoes.

  • What is Fake Food?
    Fake food is bottled, canned, wrapped in packaging, convenient, has a long shelf life and may be very palatable. It usually requires a food label listing all sorts of hard-to-pronounce ingredients. These are not what our body recognizes and some are even considered harmful. Fake food is dead, denatured and has degenerative and depleting properties. It’s what makes us feel tired, run down and unhappy in the long run.

2. Quality And Preparation

Food in its natural form has the highest value and becomes less healthy with increasing level of processing.

Real food has to be nutrient-dense, grown or raised under sustainable, ethical and humane farming standards as well as free of toxins and other residues. Nutrient density highly depends on mineral- and microorganism-rich soil and that’s why I highly recommend produce from organic farming methods. Foods in their whole form (loaded with all the natural cofactors) are what promotes renewal, repair, and maintenance of health.

In order to choose the proper preparation, it is important to first determine your digestive capability. While some people thrive on food eaten raw, others need to steam or even overcook their food in order to get better.

3. Variety And Seasonality

Consumption of a wide variety of real food ensures obtaining all essential nutrients like water, healthy fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and countless other co-factors.

One of the easiest ways to implement variety is by practicing seasonality. Keep the dishes fairly simple, even mono-meals are totally ok. You don’t need to eat 10 different vegetables at each meal! Simply add variety thru choosing foods in season. Seasonality is followed easiest by shopping at your local farm & farmer’s market or by selecting local organic produce at your favorite food store.

But Then There’s Bioindividuality


Bioindividuality comes from a lack of adaptability. Which basically means you have decreased strength and vitality levels.

While following the previous three principles usually is enough to maintain health, in my experience, it is sometimes not enough to rebuild health. Even real foods in their most pristine form sometimes need help for a system that is malfunctioning.

What To Do If Eating Healthy Doesn’t Work For You?

A functional approach as practiced by Rene appears to be superior to identify and eliminate the hidden stressors. The lab based protocols are entirely specific to your unique needs and form a powerful strategy in fixing even the most stubborn malfunctions.

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Are You Eating Healthy But Something Is Still Off?

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