If you want to lose weight, there is really only one method that will lead you to your desired weight – keeping the evil insulin man in check!

Whenever the pounds need to come off, the basic command that must reign inside you is that all systems source their energy from the body’s fat reserves.

The notorious insulin-man

To do so, it is important to know: your body distributes important messages within its system using hormones. They are pretty much your internal mailmen. Now there is one among them, whose message can foil your plans of having your dream body big time. It is the hormone insulin. Let us call this trouble-maker “insulin man”.

The insulin-man is surfing through the bloodstream with a megaphone spreading his message: store available energy as fat! He does it so forcefully that everybody who hears the message will stick with it.

So when the insulin-man is running through your body, he’ll pretty much spoil any attempt of losing weight.

Side note for smarty-pants

Several hormones are involved in the energy metabolism. The best-known ones are cholecystokinin, peptide YY, glucagon, ghrelin, insulin, leptin and cortisol. They operate in a complex interaction, which has not been completely decoded yet. Insulin has a crucial role in this process because it signals liver-, muscle- and fat cells to absorb and store energy.

This is how losing weight works

Your best approach to losing weight is tricking the insulin-man using a sensible diet.

You primarily do that by eating lots of vegetables, fish (cold-water fish such as salmon, anchovies, sardines or local fish), organic meat, eggs, nuts and berries.

You should refrain from any form of processed sugar, cereal- and dairy products. They all act as an emergency call to the insulin-man. And as a result, they make it difficult to lose weight.

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