To be honest, I would not ever have guessed that I ever will rely on the extra help of nutritional supplements. But since I started working with blood panels, this has changed.

For me, the result revealed an underactive thyroid, low IGF-1 and a digestive system, which lacks a bit of its digestive power with unwanted food particles leaking into the blood stream as a result. All of these findings not necessarily being ideal for sufficient energy at work, for sports and fast recovery after a workout. Symptoms that haunted me for years.

To repair the issues with a strictly healthy diet is certainly one strategy. And I did so for more than 2 years. However I was not completely satisfied with the results I kept seeing in follow-up testing. That’s why I decided to change my approach and assembled a stack of carefully selected nutritional supplements.

Here’s my current list:
(Based on my personal blood panel. Everyone is different!)

  • Magnesium glycinate. (Alternating with magnesium taurate, whenever a can is empty.) When I wake up. go evening just before bedtime.
  • Multivitamin. For lunch and dinner.
  • Digestive support supplement to strengthen my stomach acid. At each main meal.
  • Zinc. For lunch and dinner. Do not take with magnesium!
  • Glandular product to strengthen the pituitary and hypothalamus.
  • Gamma Oryzanol. Right before going to bed.
  • Omega-3 fats. I eat fish every other day therefore I don’t take a supplement for this.
  • Iodine. I currently take it in the form of dried and shredded seaweed over salads and vegetables. Therefore no additional supplement.